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Student Went Viral, Giving His Teacher Vegetable Instead Of Flowers On Teacher’s Day


Student Went Viral, Giving His Teacher Vegetable Instead Of Flowers On Teacher’s Day


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Love cannot be measured by material things as a young student gave saluyot leaves to his teacher to make her feel special on Teacher’s Day.

Just in time for Teacher’s Day, Luisa Conmigo shared on her Facebook account a photo of her with her student along with a touching backstory on why her student gave her saluyot instead of chocolates and flowers.

Despite this, Teacher Luisa still showed how this sweet gesture from her student touched her heart. “The sweetest gift I received this World Teachers Day,” she said.

In the said Facebook post, the teacher shared how her student Jerick first disclosed his Teacher’s Day gift, saying that he was still too shy to give it to Teacher Luisa because his other classmates had already given their teachers chocolates and flowers.

“Wala po akong maibibigay sa inyo na kahit ano, wala po akong dalang chocolate, bulaklak, or regalo man lang na kahit simple. Ang dala ko lang po ay isang tali ng saluyot,” Jerick said, as stated on the Facebook post of Conmigo.

Instead of comparing Jerick’s gift to other students, Teacher Luisa showed how she appreciated the gift from her student, noting how important it is for her to eat vegetables on a regular basis to sustain her well-being.

“Pinaiyak mo ako dahil pinakita mo sa akin ang tunay mong pagmamahal sa akin bilang iyong guro. You are true and humble and you care for me. Gusto mong ipakita at ipaalala sa akin na dapat laging Healthy si Teacher Luisa . Salamat anak sa regalo mo. Mahal ko kayong lahat,” she said.

Showing off the touching story of Jerick, a lot of netizens shared their sentiments on the Facebook post, saying how the student should be an inspiration for others and that happiness does not depend on material things.

“Parang kami noong Dekada ’70. Salamat Jerick sa magpapadama Ng magmamahal sa iyong mga guro. Batid kong mabait kang bata at dalangin ko ang laging paggabay ng Diyos sa iyo at sa iyong mga pangarap! Salamat, Teacher Luisa, sa kabaitan at pagmamahal mo sa mga mag-aaral! Hinding-hindi ka nila malilumot,” a netizen commented.

Noting this act of kindness that was shown by merely a young student, Teacher Luisa, and other netizens encouraged individuals to still look into the positive side of things, as there will always be good in each thing that we receive every day.

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