Saturday, December 9, 2023


EastWest Ageas Surveys Pinoys Personal Financial Health

EastWest Ageas shares their findings with various members of the press and blogging community In a study* commissioned by EastWest Ageas, the findings paint a rosy picture of the Filipinos’ appreciation of the importance of...

Expanding Sustainability: SM Foundation’s 2nd Rainwater Harvesting System

Health workers in San Fernando, Cebu Primary Healthcare Facility water the locally sourced plants using the water from the rainwater harvesting system. Rainwater harvesting is a way of collecting and storing rainwater for later use....

Denise Julia turns up the heat with R&B banger “B.A.D.,” featuring P-Lo

The sensual track empowers women to be confident about themselves Filipino R&B sensation Denise Julia returns with an upbeat banger that encourages young women to embrace their sexuality and feel confident about themselves. On...

SM group turns over 104th school building

Sm scholars from Roxas City volunteered

SM Scholars Aspire to Share the Gift of Education

Become an educator and be a blessing

Coastal land reclamation: A glimpse into today’s urban development strategies

Coastal land reclamation is increasing and will continue to grow and be a popular urban strategy in places that experience urban growth.

SM Foundation introduces rainwater harvesting for sustainable impact

SM Foundation, recently established a rainwater harvesting system

SCPW, UAPSA join hands with SM Prime in promoting wetland conservation

SCPW president Arch. Celestino Ulep leads a discussion on nature-based architecture during the fourth SCPW Wetland Center Design Symposium. Photo from SCPW As the world celebrated the International Day for Biological Diversity 2023, SM Prime...