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STI College Among Top PH Schools Preferred By Employers


STI College Among Top PH Schools Preferred By Employers


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College is an exciting, albeit a bit unnerving, phase of any student’s life. It is a period of self-discovery and character-building, a time to explore interests and passions, and develop relevant skills to prepare them for the future. As such, it’s important to choose the right institution that will allow students to make the most of their college journey.

According to the recent survey conducted by online job search platform JobStreet by SEEK, STI College is one of the top 10 schools preferred by employers and hiring firms in the Philippines.

In addition to graduates’ skills and knowledge, the reputation of the educational institution where they came from is another influential factor that can set them apart in job applications and enhance their job prospects.

Aisa Q. Hipolito, STI ESG Vice President for Academics, emphasized the institution’s unwavering dedication to providing top-notch education and preparing their students and graduates to be well-rounded and future-ready.

“Our inclusion in the list of top schools preferred by employers in the Philippines is a manifestation of our commitment to quality education. We always strive to provide our students with the necessary skills and knowledge, real life training, and exposures so they can keep up with the demands of the various industries,” she said.

The survey showed that employers prioritize factors such as the schools’ alignment with their business sector, hard work, and reputation. Other factors they also consider include a candidate’s self-esteem, location, and alumni status among others.

The JobStreet survey was conducted in May with over 700 companies in 42 industries in the Philippines.

Looking for a college that will help you become future-ready? Here are factors to keep in mind before making that big decision.

Industry-driven education

College is your stepping-stone to success, which is why it’s crucial to find a school that offers programs or courses that will help you learn and develop skills relevant to your chosen career path. Whichever field of study you prefer, an ideal curriculum combines a balance of industry-adept modules and hands-on activities that will help set you up to be a well-rounded professional in the future.

In relation to this, you may also want to check out the academic quality, facilities, and faculty of the colleges/universities in your shortlist to help you choose better.
STI College takes pride in its commitment to deliver quality education through an industry-focused curriculum aimed at ensuring employability. Recognizing the increasing need for competent professionals in diverse sectors, STI equips its students with courses and training programs that align with the requirements of various businesses.

“We establish, maintain, and promote partnerships with key players in the industry to increase our students and graduates’ employability under the institutional linkages,” Hipolito said.

Some of STI’s affiliates include Huawei, Marriott Hotel, Carnival Cruise Line, Accenture, UnionBank, Microsoft, SGV, PTC Aviation Training Center, Amadeus, SAP Philippines, and among others.

Extracurricular activities

Aside from the academic aspect, it’s also good to consider what kind of extra and co-curricular activities an institution offers such as competitions, sporting events, volunteer programs, and internships, among others. Being able to take part in these enables you to learn beyond the classroom and be equipped with better leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills that are useful in any industry.

At STI College, learning contents and student activities are designed to provide a diverse range of experiences, including opportunities for creativity, collaboration, challenges, and personal growth.

STI College has developed specialized extra-curricular programs that allow students to hone and exhibit their passion and talents inside and outside of their respective courses through activities such as Tagisan ng Talino at Sining, Talent Search, National Youth Convention, eSports, and Sports Clinics to name a few.


You’ll be spending a better part of four years in college, so make sure to choose a school that provides a supportive and nurturing environment that allows students to grow both as individuals and professionals. As cliche as it may sound, look for a place that you can call home. Read about the values that your prospective schools uphold as well and determine if theirs align with yours.

In your search for the right school, consider the brand of holistic education that STI College offers. Its Enrollment to Employment (E2E) System aims to develop professionals through innovative learning and career planning methodologies. Under this, students get applicable education, job market skills, job preparedness, and job placement assistance to prepare you for the real world.

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