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Smartron therapy cures the arthritis pain of Mommy Isabel

Smartron therapy cures the arthritis pain of Mommy Isabel

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Isabel dela Cruz 77, has been suffering from arthritis pain for as long as she can remember.  At her age, she has accepted that arthritis was inevitable. And while she has learned to live with the limitations of the disease, there are times when her pain is so unbearable, that she could hardly stand-up.

Umiinom ako na pain reliever para maibsan ang pananakit, pero minsan talaga hindi ako makatayo.”(I would take pain relievers, but there are times when I can cannot even stand-up)

One day a friend invited her to visit the Aina Center to try the Smartron treatment. Located in Munoz, Cubao, and Mandaluyong, the Aina Center offers free use of the Smartron Medical Device. Like the rest of the patients in Aina, Isabel is under the care of Dr. Kwang (David) Bum Hur, an Oriental Doctor and a certified acupuncturist from South Korea.

The Aina Smartron Medical Device was developed through the research and development program of the Korean government. It is legally protected by the Korean Patent Act.

For about an hour, Mommy Isabel would grip the handle of the device and rest her feet on the ball pan. She could feel the light triggers of low-frequency waves.

As explained by Dr. David, these waves are clearing the meridians that are causing an imbalance in the body system. The pulses improve circulation and strengthen the muscles. The wave also emits an LED light ray that removes inflammation and aids cell reproduction. The vibrations can be felt throughout the session.  The pulse intensity can be increased depending on the patient’s comfort level.

“The treatment follows the principle of acupuncture,” explains Dr. David. “the pulse and LED light unblocks the chi or the energy flow as the low-frequency waves stimulate energy. “

The health device also comes with an abdominal belt with a LED light that can remove cellulite and rejuvenate cells. The therapy is perfect for those who wish to stay fit and ageless.

Araw-araw  yung treatment ko, hangga’t hindi na sumakit.” (I would have the treatment every day, until the pain disappeared,” Isabel said.

After months of daily one-hour sessions, Mommy Isabel could hardly believe the improvement in her health. Aside from getting rid of the pain, she felt energized because she is sleeping soundly, and even has enough energy to join regular Zumba classes.

Patients can expect improvements after several sessions according to Dr. David. “If you are sick, therapy is a minimum of one hour of therapy every day, for one month. For wellness, at least 30 minutes a day,” he said.

While the Aina Center offers free Smartron treatment. Mommy Isabel decided to purchase her own unit so that even her family members can also enjoy the benefits of the Smartron.

Those who are interested in purchasing their own Smartron Device can get in touch with Dr. David at HoliMedic Clinic located at U-2E, 8101 Pearl Plaza Bldg., Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, San Antonio, Pasig City. Buyers can arrange a meeting with Dr. David, so they can experience the benefits of the device. They also have a franchise arrangement for those who wish to include the Smartron treatment, in their health-related enterprise.

Visit their Facebook page or call 7-730-4093, 0917-178-0077.

Mommy Isabel (center) and her friends from the Aina Center. All of them were cured after months of Smartron treatment. (From left Leuterio Lapira, Franciso Peralta , Mommy Isabel, Dr. David, Jorge Rodgrigo and Jason Atibagos.

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