Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Sleepless Nights in the City…Dorm Quarantine Saga

Sleepless Nights in the City…Dorm Quarantine Saga

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This is my 7th day and I still can’t adjust with the City sound. Since I’m used to stay in a Village away from the Metro and the only sound I hear are cars slowly driving, roosters and chicken for alarm clock. Neighbors talking once in a while. Our neighborhood is quiet. And you can sleep soundly until 9am in the morning. Walikng in our garden every afternoon and playing with our doggie. The things I see everyday.

I can sleep here but during the wee hours I can hear the trucks running along the streets, sound of ambulance which really wakes me up.

Anyway I will just have to deal with this before our shooting day. So what do we have for Day 5.
Breakfast egg and beef tapaFor Lunch they served Tinola with dessert sorry no picture🙏
Dinner meatballs with mushroom sauce and steamed veggies

Day 6
Tortang Talong with veggiesYummy Lunch was served chicken inasal with atchara and java riceDinner is Menudo