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Rye & and Dean’s Relaunch

Rye & and Dean’s Relaunch

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When Rye & Dean’s opened last 2018, we where curious and tried ordering their sandwich and corndog. It was interesting because the name was engraved on the bun and they have black bun too.

When we tasted the hotdog it was not the same as the usual hotdogs that resto offered but instead it’s juicy so we enjoyed the meal.
A month after they invited bloggers to be part of the launching and it was a privilege for me to be included in the sm masinag food tour. Rye & Dean’s was part of it and i was excited to see their new menus. I was not disappointed because they still have the same quality and taste as the first time we ate there.

And this February 16 during the SM 3 day sale Rye & Dean’s made s promo for the shoppers to try their food. And it was worth the price, it’s buy 1 get 1.
During the Relaunch of Rye & Dean’s here @smcitymasinag they offered Buy 1 Get 1 Promo for P199 2 Weiner Buns, 2 nachos, 2 drinks.For two, or just for you. Try these uniquely delicious Boat Buns only at Rye & Dean’s 🌭❤🌭❤🌭❤
Bestseller The Chili Chow Chow. A classic favorite. Meaty sausage, homemade chili and bean, onions, jalapeños, our secret special Rye & Dean’s sauce, plus lots and lots of love.The Specialty Buns: Corned Beef Mesh, Lemon Pepper Tuna, BBQ Pork Flakes, and Chicken Bushido. A unique spin to classic flavors in a bun.Come try them all at Rye & Dean’s. Visit us at the 2/L #SMCityMasinag.

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