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Miryenda Food Trip in Lucban Quezon Part 2

Miryenda Food Trip in Lucban Quezon Part 2

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I miss strolling at Lucban Bayan where I can see their historic church and municipality. Even missed eating in different old and new restos.

One of the famous is Salud’s halo-halo which has been there for years. They serve delicious halo-halo and mais con yelo.Pepet’s suman mangga served with coconut milk. My favorite the first time i tasted it.Eskulapia sa malamig has been a favorite for more than years and people still love it because of it’s simple flavor yet refreshing.Le Maison is a Paris themed resto that serves delicious cakes ,coffee and meals. While dining their interior and music Paris ambiance is felt.
While walking you can see these snacksSiopao sa bayan it’s a stall that sells asado, bola-bola and chicken siopao. Promise you will love this almost close to kowloon siopao.Parirutong violet colored malagkit like rice that is cooked like pancake.Pasingaw healthy snack since it’s steamed gabi or cassava.Putong Bigas is made from rice with no preservatives. Unday unday is one of my fave the first time i tasted it, like a big palitaw but with sweet syrup.Ube sago very delicious and colorful, since they use ube halaya and red colored sago.My tip is you won’t spend a lot since the food in Lucban are cheap yet delicious. Go and visit Lucban on your next food trip.On my next food trip i will feature old and new restos and coffee shop. See you


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