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Intelegencia is Soaring High this 2020 despite Global Pandemic

Intelegencia is Soaring High this 2020 despite Global Pandemic

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Darkness, fear, shattered dreams was felt last March 14 2020.
Early part January 2020 a virus called nCov was announced but people was just lenient about it and didn’t bother to be cautious. But as months came and a lot of people were stricken by the virus it was changed into Covid 19 and it turn down the whole world.
A lot of businesses was affected during the crucial months of the pandemic. Big and small businesses, Long-time known companies started to close since there was no income.

Intelegencia BPO an hr outsourcing service provider and international hr consulting services was one of the company that was affected by the global pandemic but in the brighter side after overcoming the tough months last December 2020 Intelegencia was able to celebrate with it’s employees and partners for the giving happiness during the Holiday Season. Looking forward to a productive 2021.

Looking back during the global pandemic and lockedown period Intelegencia struggled too and brought the company countless hurdles. There are a lot of protocols to be considered and required for companies to operate since the normal way of going to the office was not allowed or only percentage of workforce.
Employees are having a hard time of going to the office due to transporation shutdown.
The new normal was a struggle and these challenges threatened to disrupt the companies productivity.
But Intelegencia was able make a solution to all the hindrances.
Upon hearing about the nationwide quarantine intelegencia immediately implemented the Work-from-home to members, offered shuttle services to those who need to report physically. For continuous production. Eventually they invested in their own shuttle service for company use.
The company was also concern in their employees physical and emotional health so they decided to make the environment happy one by letting them engaged in different socio-emotional activities. Projects like Fitness Challenge, INTG, Super Heroes Contest, Music Icons Quiz Night and of course the Year-end Party

Loyalty and integrity brings sucess to every company. Since they are true to their words and promised to offer uninterruptive service. Soon enough they garnered impressive results and 62 percent increase in client growth. Still counting the new partners lined up plus the existing accounts. Intelegencia team grow from 300-500 by the end of 2020.

Intelegencia team also had the advocacy of sharing their blessings to those in need. The companies participated in different projects in helping kababayans in need. While the members also show their helpful heart by extending help to the communities stricken by Covid 19. They also helped the people who was affected by the recent typhoon. It’s their way of sharing their blessings with their “Sharing is Caring” program

Before the end of 2020 Intelegencia gives credit to all it’s hardworking members for their continuous effort that made the company successful.
“I didn’t know if we were going to survive as a company [and] as a group. But thankfully, Intelegencia globally survived. Intelegencia Philippines did outstanding this year,” words from Founder and CEO Perry Chaturvedi.
Now they are looking forward to achieve bigger goals for 2021. With the teams determination to pursue, everybody is ready to reach the target.

For those who wants to learn more about Intelegencia as one of the international hr consulting services you can visit their website.

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