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Influencer Underwent 100 Surgical Procedures To Look Like A Barbie Doll


Influencer Underwent 100 Surgical Procedures To Look Like A Barbie Doll


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Plastic surgery is quite common among celebrities and influencers, as some of them seek validation to project a more confident version of themselves in front of the cameras. There’s nothing wrong with it, and most importantly, they’re the ones paying for it.

However, a Chinese influencer who rose to fame after undergoing more than 100 plastic surgeries, has a different narrative to tell. She is Zhou Chuna, a 17 year old Chinese teen who became an “influencer” after earning the title of “youngest plastic surgery addict” on social media.


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She gained fame on Weibo, a popular microblogging platform in China with over 300,000 followers on the site, and has grown over the years by sharing her cosmetic surgery journey through her content.

The influencer first underwent cosmetic procedures at the age of 13 and spent 4 million yuan (about PHP 32 million) over the past years on various cosmetic procedures and treatments.

Chuna confessed that her addiction to cosmetic surgery is more than simply a need to have a flawless Barbie face. When she was a kid, she had experienced many forms of discrimination because of her appearance and this led her to entirely lose confidence.

With her desire to completely transform her appearance, she begged her parents to finance her operations when she was 13 years old. Over a three-year period, she already had her whole body surgically repaired, and even after 100 procedures, she didn’t want to stop until she was satisfied.

In an interview, she said that people’s attitudes toward her had changed after she underwent “barbie eyes” surgery. This prompted her constant cycle of surgeries to continue, beginning with simple fillers, ear rhinoplasty, breast implants, and suction fats in her body.

“I will never be satisfied with my appearance, and always think I will be prettier with the next operation,” Chuna shared.

Chuna is still a human, and her surgeries did not prevent her body from deteriorating, with some of her wounds resulting in scars and others not healing. The saddest part is that the anesthetics caused significant memory loss, and despite the adverse effects, the influencer insists on continuing to undergo future surgeries.

In Chuna’s past interviews, it is noticeable that her thirst to beautify herself extends beyond the physicalities. Because of the trauma she had suffered due to bullying, she developed the perspective that getting the validation of being called ‘beautiful’ is all that matters. Even to the extent of sacrificing her body due to the severity of side effects, this won’t stop her from feeling confident from surgeries.

Her narrative is a harsh truth that many people haven’t yet contemplated, including those who criticize others who underwent surgeries without considering their underlying reasons.

Plastic surgery should not be viewed negatively, specifically if it empowers you to feel more confident than ever. However, plastic surgery stories like these are a sad reality that most influencers are frequently shamed for — and this vicious cycle of humiliation must be ended.

We can’t blame those who want to change their physical features due to social pressure and discrimination. Well, the world is a scary place to live in, with people who don’t even feel bad about bullying others based on their physical appearance. Nothing costs us anything for being kind and empathetic, and we can’t truly know someone’s misery behind their decisions.

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