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How To Keep The Bad Luck Away This Ghost Month


How To Keep The Bad Luck Away This Ghost Month


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In Chinese culture, August is considered the “Ghost month.” It is the seventh lunar month according to the Chinese lunar calendar. It is considered the scariest time of the year—unlike Halloween in November in Western culture—because the spirits of the dead roam freely in the living realm. During this time, a lot of misfortunes can happen, including bad health, loss, or general unluckiness.

Just like the Chinese, Filipinos are also known to be believers in superstition. It’s only natural for a lot of us to participate in the practices of this monthly event. After all, there’s nothing wrong with being cautious, right? So take note, because here are some tips to protect yourself from bad luck this month!

1. Don’t let the darkness in
Ghosts thrive in gloomy and dark places. So keep your house, including every hallway and corner, well-lit! The brighter your place is, the less likely that they will pay you a visit.

2. Keep your place clean
Generally, having a clean and tidy space increases your mood and makes you more productive. But it is especially important during this month because it lets chi or positive energy flow through your house better, thus keeping the ghosts away.

It is suggested that you play a soothing tune while cleaning your place to make you more relaxed and attract more positive energy.

3. Feed the ghosts
Don’t let the ghosts get hungry! You can “feed” them by burning incense. The scent of the incense is believed to dissolve bad energies and turn ghosts into your side.

4. Keep your travels in daytime
You can travel wherever you’d like, as long as you do it during the day. As stated previously, ghosts like the dark, so you’re more likely to encounter one during the night time. If you travel at night during this month, brace yourself for inconveniences like cancellations and delays.

5. Wear happy colors
Ghosts’ favorite color? Black. So try to avoid wearing clothes in that color. Keep this month’s wardrobe vivid and bright and go for colors like pink, yellow, or orange since they are associated with a happy mood and positive energy.

6. Salt it up
Salt is your best friend, not just in the kitchen but also in keeping the bad vibes away. This common condiment is good at purifying energy. Protect your home by sprinkling some rock salt on your doorstep, window sills, and on the corners. If you’re going out, you can put a dash on a colored cloth for you to take.

7. Skip major renovations
Think twice first if you’re planning to renovate your home this month. Renovating your home produces a lot of noises from the grinding, hammering, drilling, or nailing that could potentially attract wandering ghosts. So maybe just do your room makeover project in September?

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