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Holiday Dishes

Holiday Dishes

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Sharing with you our Holiday Dishes cooked by our own Chef Gerry also the person behind Hometown Goodies and Services Biko/Sinukmani and Panscit Habhab(Lucban). But some foods are made by other family membsrs and also sponsored.
Our family always see to it that food prepared are special since it’s the time all of us here in the Metro and Province are here to celebrate. Veggies and Fruits are always present in every meal.

Christmas Eve Dishes

Seafoods Bilao

Back Ribs

Roasted Chicken

Japanese Fried Rice and Biko

Steamed Veggies

Cake from Costa Brava

Mom’s Fruits in Tray

New Year’s Dishes

Chicken Cacciatore

Mama Ting’s Rellenong Bangus

Fresh Veggie Salad

Cute Charcuterie Board

Peach Graham, Buko salad and Fruits in Tray