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Healthy Balance of Digestion and Diet Workshop

Healthy Balance of Digestion and Diet Workshop

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I have learned a lot from the workshop that Dr Francisco Navarro V, MD had last May 29 about healthy eating. He explained it in the Ying Yang procedure. The different way of digesting of food.
One of my learning is that digestion starts in the preparation of food. From the kitchen to the stomach. In order for us not to give our stomach a hard time digesting the food. We have to chop it in a way that we cab easily chew the food into pieces and eat. So the stomach can easily digest it.Second learning is drinking cold beverage is not healthy. Since we are eating cooked food that are hot so it is not advisable to intake cold water. It’s like pouring cold water in a hot pan. So what will happen to the food we ate. Especially if it’s oily? It will turn into grease and will stick to our stomach. Third eating raw food is good but it is better to cook it so that the stomach can easily digest the veggies or meat that we intake. Chew your food properly if necessary.
Lastly dairy products are so delicious but there are some ingredients in the dairy products that are not healthy for our body. I agree that sugar are high in some dairy like ice cream and oil are also found in butter. So maybe we need to eat in moderation because anything in excess is not good for our health.Be part of the next workshop on June 5 for a very infornative workshop. Register now at register via:

June 5 Yin Yang of Diet:

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