Thursday, July 18, 2024

GMA Network Launches “Isa Sa Puso Ng Pilipino” Station I.D.


GMA Network Launches “Isa Sa Puso Ng Pilipino” Station I.D.


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GMA Network proudly proclaims its unwavering dedication to Filipinos worldwide with the launch of its new station I.D., “Isa Sa Puso ng Pilipino.”

Unveiled in anticipation of the Network’s 75th anniversary next year, the station I.D. is not merely a lyrical celebration of GMA Network’s legacy in the broadcast media industry; it delivers a powerful message that serves as a promise and a call to always stand united with Filipinos.

Bannered by some of the Network’s biggest stars and personalities, “Isa Sa Puso ng Pilipino” is a testament to GMA’s commitment to Filipinos. Throughout their various journeys, GMA stands with them not just as a witness but as one in heart, epitomizing the essence of being “Isa Sa Puso ng Pilipino.”

At its core, being “one in heart” celebrates the collective experiences and intrinsic values that shape our identity as a people. Promoting the ideals, traditions, and aspirations that unite us, the station I.D. encourages everyone to “take to heart” these values as it subtly incorporates the phrase “isasapuso.”

Together, “Isa sa Puso ng Pilipino” and “isasapuso” encapsulate a powerful expression of unity, shared values, and heartfelt dedication that deeply connect with Filipinos.

Over the decades, GMA Network has grown into the biggest and most trusted media institution that continues to inspire, stands up for, and empowers Filipinos. Devoted to enriching lives, GMA has consistently created relatable and inspiring characters and heroic figures that resonate with Filipinos. Its commitment to the truth and balanced reporting remains steadfast, championing individuals and communities, and fostering a culture of integrity, resilience, and hope. Alongside Filipinos everywhere, GMA will continue to be a beacon of trust and inspiration for future generations.

“Isa Sa Puso ng Pilipino” was performed by Julie Anne San Jose and other Kapuso singers. GMA’s station I.D. was accompanied by the Orchestra of the Filipino Youth (OFY), a full orchestra under the organization Ang Misyon Inc., dedicated to offering free music education and support to talented, underprivileged Filipino youth. Under the baton of Gerard Salonga and the guidance of professional mentors, the OFY curriculum is specifically curated for a high-quality youth orchestra. The lyrics were penned by Brian James Camaya, Christine Autor, Samantha Toloza, and Rina L. Mercado, with composition by Rina L. Mercado and arrangement by Roxy E. Fabian and Joe L. Cruz. The jingle was produced by Rocky S. Gacho.

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