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Gloc-9 Showcases Masterful Storytelling In 10-Track Album ‘Sari-Sari Story’


Gloc-9 Showcases Masterful Storytelling In 10-Track Album ‘Sari-Sari Story’


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Filipino rap icon Gloc-9 is back with a brand new album, “Sari-Sari Story,” produced by the illustrious pillar of OPM, Raymund Marasigan. This remarkable album, recorded in just over six weeks before Gloc-9 embarked on an Australia concert tour, is proof of the rapper’s unparalleled talent and dedication to his craft of creating songs that will touch lives.

“Sari-Sari Story” is a collection of ten tracks, each one a narrative gem that showcases Gloc-9’s masterful storytelling. The album’s release strategy was as dynamic as its content, with three tracks dropping during the first week of June and another three following in the subsequent week. This staggered release allowed fans to savor each story, building anticipation and excitement for the full album which dropped this June 21st on all digital streaming platforms.

Gloc-9, whose real name is Aristotle Pollisco, shared that the inspiration for “Sari-Sari Story” came from the multitude of stories he has heard over the years and his own playful imagination. He was able to write so many songs in the past, but this album felt special. It’s like a patchwork of different tales and characters that he came across or imagined.

Working with Raymund Marasigan, a legend in his own right with numerous OPM groups and production credits, was a dream come true for Gloc-9. He admitted that he always looked up to his “Sir Rayms”. His influence pushed him to refine my songwriting even further. The collaboration proved fruitful, with Marasigan’s guidance helping Gloc-9 craft ten hauntingly beautiful songs that only he could deliver.

The focus track of the album, “Tinda Ni Linda,” is a standout piece that encapsulates Gloc-9’s storytelling prowess. The song narrates the tale of a man admiring Linda, a girl who runs an eatery. As the story unfolds, the narrator uncovers a dark secret about Linda’s true motives, intricately linked to the dishes she serves. This track has already made waves, featuring on Spotify’s New Music Friday Philippines playlist and being highlighted in Apple Music’s new OPM releases.

To celebrate the release of this new “obra,” an exclusive advanced listening party was held, attended by a star-studded lineup of OPM hip-hop acts and artists. Luminaries such as Flow G, Omar Baliw, Hellmerry, Klumcee, Boss Toyo, Smugglaz, Yuridope, Chocolate Factory, Reg Rubio of Greyhoundz, Hero, Ramdiss, Badjao De Castro, Blaster Silonga, and of course, producer Raymund Marasigan, came together to honor Gloc-9’s latest work.

The event featured a unique track-by-track listening experience inside a studio equipped with a 180-degree LED wall and impeccable sound system, creating an immersive environment that left attendees in awe.

The reception was overwhelmingly positive, with fellow artists and fans alike praising the album’s innovative storytelling and production quality. Gloc-9’s ability to weave intricate narratives into his music has once again set him apart as a master storyteller.

“Sari-Sari Story” by Gloc-9 is now available on all streaming platforms. Dive into the stories, and let Gloc-9’s lyrical genius take you on a journey through the vibrant tapestry of Filipino life and imagination.

Album Tracklist:

1. Panulat Mo
2. Gatas At Asukal
3. Utang Clan
4. Puyat
5. Sagip
6. Tinda Ni Linda
7. Tatlong Taon
8. Alimpungatan
9. Yakap
10. Idol featuring G Clown, Ramdiss, and Hero