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EnerSave Motion Sense FO Review

EnerSave Motion Sense FO Review

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This is an honest review for EnerSave Motion Sense FO. This is not just an ordinary light that we buy in appliance center. But a wonderful household thing, it is an electronic device and security system at the same time coming from the name itself EnerSave you can lessen the use of your electricity. You can use it indoor or outdoor. Usually when we leave the house 2 lights are opened. Inside and outside and which cause to electricity bill to rise and the light will only last for months and need to be replaced.
It’s been a month since I got the product. It was rainy season so I decided to put it indoor. And switch off the lights we used to open. Since it’s sensor it can detect the slightest movement inside. So my daughter even enjoyed walking around the area to see if it really works. Once a motion is detected the light will turn ob and after 25 seconds of no motion it will eventually turn off. And it’s so cool👍👍👍Even the movement of our dog got scared when he walked 🙀 It is rechargeable less consume of the electricity so our bill lessened for a month. And our recent bill just arrived and it’s lesser than last month. What an improvement.

So will I recommend EnerSave Motion Fo.
1. It is good for household mom like me who wants to save extra money in their monthly expenses.
2. No need to switch light the whole evening.
3. It also serves as a security system because it can detect movement for outdoor. Worry free especially at night and if out for a long trip.
4. User friendly because of the manual anyone can assemble be ready to use.
5. Battery span is longer so no need to charge every now and then.
6. For outdoor since it’s solar no need to charge it which is another plus factor.
7. The Led light made the place brighter.
8. Price is P225 with a 3 month local supplier refund warranty
9. You can order it online at Lazada. wishgatelazadaph
10. Wish come true for consumer. Thank WishGate Marketing for such an amazing product.

When I received the product it was neatly sealed with no damaged. And once I installed, it functioned immediately.

This will be their upcoming product, EnerSave 3MSHere are the different parts. And how it is installed. Watch Out for another wonderful product


Watch my unboxing of the product here at my youtube link. Thanks

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