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Cozy Ber Months With The Latest Comfort Foods At FamilyMart


Cozy Ber Months With The Latest Comfort Foods At FamilyMart


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Be it summertime or rainy days, FamilyMart Philippines always has something to offer to the Fam to complement every season. Now that we’re in the world’s longest Christmas celebration, better known as the Ber months in the Philippines, FamilyMart’s innovative seasonal treats include three new must-try comfort foods – the Famichiky Burger, the Yakitori bento meal, and the Cloudy Cream Coffee.

“The Ber months are just a special season for every Filipino. So in addition to our Fam Treats of the Month, we’d like to kickstart the holidays with fresh and high-quality food items to delight our fam with,” Category Marketing Manager for Convenience Food Retail of FamilyMart, Angelo J. Balajadia, said.


Famichiky Burger

You read it right! Your favorite crispy, juicy, and delicious chicken is finally served in a bun! For only Php 115 in-store or Php 127 via GrabFood, you can try the new Famichiky Burger in either of the following variants Teriyaki, Wasabi Mayo, Mayo Mustard, or Creamy Cheese.

FamilyMart, whether in Japan or the Philippines, has amassed a cult following for its crispy and juicy fried chicken, affectionately called Famichiky. It’s a golden brown, whole, boneless chicken fillet, marinated and breaded with FamilyMart’s secret blend of spices. Initially, it can be purchased a la carte or with rice. But now, convenience gets a little more convenient with the addition of buns, dressing, and sliced cheese – a delicious treat of complementing flavors in just a bite.


Chicken Yakitori bento meal

Japanese rice meals and ramens are also best-selling items at FamilyMart. Skewing to this list of comfort treats is an umami BBQ special called Chicken Yakitori bento meal – grilled chicken skewers served with java rice and atchara, giving you an underlying taste between smokey, sweet, and savory.

To achieve the meat’s tenderness and umami flavor, chicken yakitori uses a chicken thigh fillet basted with soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, and sugar. Meanwhile, java rice is made with tomato paste, vinegar, garlic seasoning, soy sauce, and aosa. And to truly complement your BBQ lunch meal, well-preserved atchara is mixed in, offering the combined flavors of vinegar, salt, sugar, papaya, carrots, and bell paper. It’s a delicious and healthy dining experience at FamilyMart for an affordable price of Php 119.


Cloudy Cream Coffee

Since 2019, FamilyMart has had your caffeine fix covered with its Coffee Creations line. Available both in hot and iced variations, the growing list of brew variants presents you with another offering where salty meets sweet in a cup through the Cloudy Cream Coffee.

FamilyMart’s trademark coffee taste (a balance between sweetness and bitterness), and its signature nutty aroma are elevated up in the clouds with the new sweetened milky iced coffee. Its heavy milky cream on top will delight your senses with a fluffy mouthfeel for only Php 120.

So, what is it going to be, Fam? A crispy and juicy snack with the Famichiky Burger, a savory and sweet BBQ meal with Chicken Yakitori bento, or heaven in a cup with the Cloudy Cream Coffee?

Give the nearest FamilyMart branch a visit today to get a taste of its newest comfort foods. You can also give the FamilyMart Facebook page a visit, or just download the LIMITLESS app to learn more about what’s cooking and brewing. Itadakimasu!