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BloggerXArtist My MMK 5th Cycle Story Experience

BloggerXArtist My MMK 5th Cycle Story Experience

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BloggerXArtist My MMK 5th Cycle StoryWhen you are used to attend blogcon, presscon, movie premier and red carpet event of famous actors and actresses suddenly you find yourself infront of a camera and famous actresses, something i never realized to do. Since I enjoy interviewing the Directors and Showbiz personalities and write about them
Working on cam and meeting new artist in this field is something unforgettable. It was one of the most wonderful experience, throwing lines with renowned actress Ms Meryll Soriano in one of the longest running tv series MMK Mothers Sacrifice. I get to learn a lot from the people around me on how to deal with the Director, Assistant Director the Prod team, co Actors and Actresses, Wardrobe and Art Dept.This is an opportunity for me to know new and talented artist who will really make a name in the industry soon. We had fun bonding with each other and enjoy each others company while waiting for our turn to be called on the set. This is my 2nd lockin shoot which lasted for 12 days in one of the Resort Hotel in Cavite. We all need to adjust to the rules given to us for safety purposes, personally i had a hard time adjusting if not with these friendly and talented artist around me. On my next blog I will be writing more of my up-close and personal experience with myco artist and know the story behind each of them. Story behind the camera of the Famous Actors and Actresses.
Artist to be featured on my blogsite:

Thamara Alexandria Pacursa
ABSCBN StarHunt TV ActressKurt Gerona
ABSCBN StarHunt TV ActorPrince Vergel freelance Actor/ Artist grandson of the original bad boy Mr Ace Vergel
Ken Arden Title Holder, Freelance Theatre Actor/Artist, TV Actor, ModelAsh Sean Lee TV Actor/ Artist, Singer
Aida Chiu Freelance TV Actress/Artist GMA and ABS CBN, Commercial Model, HostAndrea Balignasay Theatre Actress/ ArtistJolina Lyn Baluyot Stunt woman, TV ActressLei Rosario Theatre Actor/ Artist TV ActorHara Mariposa Freelance TV Actress/Artist
Shannel Fama Freelance TV Actress/ Artist Commercial ModelIvan Orville TV/Film Actor, Commercial Model

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