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AileenLFoodieEventsBuddies 1st Virtual Christmas Party 2021

AileenLFoodieEventsBuddies 1st Virtual Christmas Party 2021

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The first Aileenlfoodieevents Virtual Christmas Party was filled with fun and excitement. Food and raffle prizes from our generous sponsors. And congratulations to our hardworking team leader ms analaine for all the success of the party. It was a year full of opportunities thanks so much for having me here at Aileenlfoodieevents family with it’s aim to support small business.Shout out to Generous sponsors Estipular-Estrada Catering Services for our delicious meal. Dessert and Lasagna from Vali’s Delicacies. Cone from Lady Antipasti. So love the sweets from my Secret Santa Exchange Gift.Thank you Tito Bit’s Products the prize I got from the Tiktok Creative Christmas Gourmet Recipe Don Juan Pack for.

Creative Tiktok drinks entry. Raffle winner of Rocco’s gourmet Deli.

Link for Creative Christmas Gourmet Recipe

Link for Creative Tiktok Drinks

More blessings to come this 2022.
@alaurio #AileenLFoodieEventBuddies

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